• Our Team

  • Mohan Chinnaraj

    Physical Therapist

    Mohan Chinnaraj is a Physical Therapist with more than 20 years of Clinical experience, ranging from acute/subacute care, and out-patient physical therapy practices. He has a special interest in chronic pain, intra-muscular stimulation(IMS), acupuncture, vestibular rehabilitation (vertigo), myofascial syndrome, Graston treatment, shoulder rehab, hip/knee replacements and office ergonomics consultation. 

  • Paramjit Kau

    Physical Therapist

    Param graduated in 2008 from India and moved to Canada in 2009. Since coming to Canada Param has worked with various patients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, Stroke, post operative rehab and soft tissue injuries of the shoulder, knee and hip, hand, ankle, motor vehicle injuries, neck and back injuries. She is pursuing her interest in women’s health by taking some post-graduation courses. She has special interest in women’s health and working with both male and female patients with urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and related problems. Param strongly believes in manual therapy and active involvement of her patients during the treatment. She has taken various courses on manual therapy techniques for spine and peripheral joints, sports injuries and their treatments, dry needling.

    Param likes to spend free time with her husband and two kids. She likes to dance, listen to music, cook and work out.

  • Blair

    Massage Therapist

    Blair Battams is a registered Massage Therapist since 2002 from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy.  Blair is committed to remaining current in this health care profession by continuing education, expanding his knowledge base, and adopting new therapeutic practices. Using a variety of techniques he provides stress and pain reduction, injury prevention, deep tissue massage, and relaxation massage. He practices with a holistic and client-focused approach that values open communication between therapist and client. He is dependable, professional, and offers high quality services.

    Aside from his professional life, Blair enjoys spending time with his family and friends. When he is not treating clients you can find him hiking, camping, snowboarding, reading, and enjoying all that life has to offer. 

  • Heather Murdoch

    Massage Therapist

    Heather has been a registered massage therapist since 2014, graduating from MaKami College in Edmonton, AB. She has a keen interest in Motor vehicle accident treatment (MVA), sports injury, deep tissue, and prenatal (to name a few). Having a well versed variety of modalities and techniques, Heather is confident she will provide the proper treatment to meet each and everyone of her clients needs.

    In her spare time, Heather enjoys running, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking with her dog. She is available at Rutherford and Twinbooks Phyisotherapy clinics during the weekday.

  • Daksh Paramasivam

    Physical Therapist

    Daksh graduated from Jamia Hamdard University with a Masters of Physical Therapy in Sports Medicine (2003). Prior to completing his Masters Degree, he received his Bachelors of Physiotherapy (1999) from Dr.M.G.R Medical University, India. Daksh has over 10 years of experience in physiotherapy inclusive of academic and clinical practice. He has undertaken various manual therapy and dry needling courses in order to improve his practice. In clinical practice, Daksh provides musculoskeletal and sports injury assessments and treatments based on biomechanical and patient response models. This includes a manual therapy approach, dry needling combined with muscle stabilizing exercise programs. He is specialized in sports specific injuries and also has special interest in treating neck , lower back and lower limb injuries. Daksh has also presented scientific research papers at international conferences. He is an active participant in cricket and badminton. Daksh is fluent in Tamil, Hindi and can understand Punjabi, to better serve patients requiring a physical therapist who speak these languages.

  • Venkata Prasad Mallireddy

    Physical Therapist

    Venkata has been working as physiotherapist for more than 20 years, treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. His treatment approach includes a combination of manual therapy, corrective exercises, modalities, dry needling and education after a detailed assessment.

    Updating new techniques and taking additional courses is important to Venkata. He has finished courses in Functional Dry Needling (FDN), Vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management and GLA:D (Good Life with osteoArthritis) adapted for Canada.

    Venkata enjoys working as a team to achieve patient’s short and long term goals.